Sponsoring Financial Literacy

Whether you are a large financial institution, a successful business, or a philanthropy organization, making the decision to help sponsor financial literacy in Wyoming is one of the greatest opportunities your company may have to make a profound impact in the future of the state you call home.

We’ve already helped over 100 employers and thousands of employees. Join us!

Knowledge is the power that unlocks all the opportunities we have for success and financial knowledge (FINANCIAL LITERACY) is one of the most important we face today.
The future of Wyoming and our country can be turned in a much more positive direction when we become better educated about the money we earn and have stewardship over.

Proven to achieve a substantial increase in financial understanding and improved financial behaviors.

It’s time for Wyoming to draw a line in the sand and say, “we will not be content with a population where only half are capable of making sound financial decisions”. If you are interested in promoting financial literacy through sponsorship, please send us a brief message and we will get in touch with you to review the sponsorship opportunities that would best fit your desire to advance Financial Literacy in Wyoming.

For additional financial literacy sponsorship information, download our Sponsorship Info Sheet. You can also click this link to review our Sponsorship Opportunity Levels information sheet.