Why Financial Literacy in the Workplace?

70% of employees say they would take personal financial training if it was made available to them at work.

By now the economic slow-down has got the attention of just about every business owner and boardroom. When your business slows down it can be a real wake-up call. But many businesses may not be aware that our current economic woes are due, in large part, to the financial “ILLITERACY” of working Americans.

How do we avoid another crisis down the road? Can we really afford one? To make sure we are positioned for future economic success, businesses in Wyoming have a unique opportunity to bring a simple, proven financial literacy program to their employees. It’s called the Set for Life Financial Education Challenge, and it’s easier to implement and much more cost effective than traditional financial training programs you may have tried or heard of.

Imagine what would happen when a large portion of your company becomes financially “smarter”? We would love to discuss with you how offering our financial literacy program is a win-win for your company and its employees. Please contact us directly and we’ll show you how easy and cost-effective — Even FREE — it is to administer financial literacy at your place of business. Contact us here.

For additional information, download our Employer Info Sheet.