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Wyoming Financial Challenge Results

Our maiden Financial Education Challenge, which began late last September and ended in December, included seven Wyoming employer groups. The courses were offered free to employees and after the results of the 10-week challenge were tallied, the financial knowledge gained was even better than we had hoped for. Below is a graph showing the overall graduation rate:

In addition to a high graduation rate, all courses taken showed a marked improvement from pre-test to post-test.

COURSES TAKENAvg. Pre-test ScoreAvg. Final Exam ScorePoint ImprovementPercent Improvement
Life Planning Overview65.36%90.33%24.9738.20%
Personal Finance Basics70.86%88.06%17.224.27%
Budgeting for life goals65.64%90.40%24.7637.72%
Credit Basics72.28%92.42%20.1327.86%
Managing Debt65.95%91.91%25.9739.38%
Investing Overview66.53%91.31%24.7837.25%
Retirement Planning: Company Plans66.16%91.13%24.9737.74%
Retirement Planning: IRAs69.44%92.93%23.4833.81%
Mutual Fund Basics55.50%90.23%34.7362.58%
Insurance Basics67.26%87.04%19.7929.42%
TOTALS (Avg.)66.50%90.58%24.0836.21%