Challenge Overview

Welcome to the SFL University Wyoming Financial Education Challenge!

We’re glad you are interested in improving your financial knowledge and bettering
your future. This page is a quick preview of the online curriculum you will be taking
when you enroll in the program, as well as some financial calculators to experiment with that
will come in handy as you go through the course material.

Be sure and contact your employer/group champion (coordinator) for the Wyoming Education Challenge
if you have any questions about the program. Below are some screenshots of the online
training that will give you an overview of what you will experience as you attend SFL University—

The SFL University welcome and login page is customized for the participating group. The sample
screenshots below are from the SFL University Wyoming Financial Education Challenge
currently being administered to employer groups in Wyoming. Our Wyoming initiative is the first
state-wide launch of the SFL University program!

When participants log in to the SFL University, they are greeted with their
personalized curriculum of financial training courses. Each student is able to choose
from a range of courses that address their financial needs and goals.

Once a participant selects the course they want to take during their online session,
they are given a pre-test and an overview of the subject material. Each course takes
about one hour to complete.

Following completion of each lesson, participants take a competency exam to
make sure they have understood the material. All lessons can be reviewed and
exams re-taken to help ensure that this important training “sticks”.

Each week during the challenge, participants receive an email updating them on
their progress. In the example below, Rick passed the first module, but is
behind schedule in completing the second module. These reminders are very
helpful in keeping students on schedule to complete their financial training.

Once a participant successfully completes all the lessons (graduates) he or she
receives a certificate of completion from SFL University. This award is the perfect
opportunity for employers to hold an employee-recognition event.