About Wyoming Money Smarts


Praire Wyoming MoneySmarts is a FINANCIAL LITERACY Initiative brought to you by Set for Life Financial, LLC and a group of concerned Wyoming businesses to Champion the Cause of Financial Literacy for the people across Wyoming. Almost half of Americans report having trouble keeping up with monthly expenses and it’s estimated that lost productivity in the workplace due to financial stress cost billions of dollars annually.

Set for Life Financial, LLC is a company dedicated to bringing Financial Literacy Education, Money Management Tools and Resources to the market empowering Americans and their families to make their financial lives work.

Our initial focus is to develop on online portal for Wyoming to showcase providers of financial literacy programs and introduce our Set for Life University Financial Challenge Program into the workplace through sponsors and concerned employers throughout the State.

Our program has been proven with hundreds of employer groups across the United States elevating employees’ overall financial knowledge, increasing 401K participation, and changing behavior through written budgets and financial goals and instilling confidence in decision making regarding their future. Employees can take the training they receive to have a positive influence on their entire family’s financial future. If our previous results are any indication, the people of Wyoming can set a positive tone for changing the financial direction for the people of the State.

Understanding how to manage and grow our earnings is not secret knowledge that only the rich can understand. Financial Literacy is for EVERYONE! We hope you will join with us in supporting this initiative. Together we can create financial peace of mind for ourselves, our families and our country.